Dear Hasken Construction,

When we were searching for a custom home builder we spoke to Rick and Laurie Hasken and from the very first meeting we felt comfortable and a developed a real sense of honesty from them. We could tell that this is a company that would do what they promised and be there every step of the way through our building process. We sure were right about this one!

One real advantage that the Hasken team brings to you when you build your home is that Rick is a skilled contractor and Laurie is an experienced designer, and it proved to be a powerful combination. Laurie told us to bring her our wish list and our ideas…and together they really made them happen.

For us one of the biggest benefits of working with Hasken Construction is peace of mind. Since we lived out of town during the building process, every step of the way they were communicating with us about what was going on with the construction of our home. This was particularly comforting and valuable to us as out-of-town buyers.

I would definitely recommend Hasken Construction to anyone thinking about building a new home. I would say, give them your ideas and sit back and relax, because they do a fabulous job…just like it was their own home.

If you ever decide to have a custom-built home, make sure you call Hasken Construction because they are an excellent builder.

Pat Salley, Lake Carroll, IL

Dear Hasken Construction,

After we discovered Hasken Construction LLC as the builder of choice for our area, we not only found them friendly and helpful, but full of a lot of good ideas that can only come from a wealth of experience in the custom home building business. The real added bonus in choosing Hasken Construction was that they were able to bring to both my husband and me the design skills, as well as hands-on contracting skills to bring all our great ideas to life!

I would definitely recommend them to others who might be thinking about selecting Hasken Construction LLC to build their home for them. I'd add that your real benefit is that you can expect someone to plan your home, build it, and be honest with you about what works and what doesn't to enjoy the best possible home for your dollar.

Irena Tolliver, Freeport, IL

Linda and I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for us and our family by building our dream home. Due to your attention to every detail, your compulsion for the very best work possible, and your craftsmanship, our home is all that we had hoped for and more.

We always believed, and now know, that you are the only home builder in the area that could have completed this job with such success. Our home is on par with those we've seen in Palm Beach, Naples, and the North Shore of Chicago.

Ken and Linda Melchionna

Welcome Home, Stott Family!

With those words on September 16th, thousands of hours of volunteer labor and thousands of dollars of donated materials and services drew to a very fulfilling close. While the Door Knock on September 9th heralded the "official" start of the project, we'd been hard at work ahead of time getting donations, arranging schedules, preparing for volunteers, and readying ourselves for the 106 hours we’d actually have to build the house.

And build it we did! When we said yes to the challenge, we have to admit that it seemed almost impossible that an entire home, complete with furnishings and landscaping, could really be completed in just a week before literally thousands of well–wishers would shout "MOVE THAT BUS!" But then a miracle happened.

It was the miracle of pulling together as a family, a team, and a community towards a common goal. While people who've never let us down before were right there for us as always, people we didn't even know raised their hands too and helped. Even Mother Nature seemed to appreciate the spirit of the effort, granting us the longest spell of dry, not–too–hot weather of the entire season to finish the project, only teasing us a bit with a dozen or so raindrops the afternoon before the family returned.

Perhaps the entire experience can be summed up best in a quote we like from anthropologist Margaret Mead: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Here's hoping that everyone who worked on the project will take that sentiment to heart as they return to their own families, companies, schools, churches, and communities: when we work together, there’s nothing we can't do.

Thank you all – you are all heroes to us!

Rick and Laurie Hasken
Hasken Construction LLC

NAHB Home Builders Association of Rockford Inc.